Is Scanpan Cookware Safe? Find Here

Safe. Scanpan cookware is made of stainless steel with commercial–grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick surface. It’s free from PFOA and PTFE. The surface is metal utensil safe. Five-ply cast aluminum and stainless-steel clad construction combine even heat distribution. Scanpan is oven safe up to 500 500°F and compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

Scanpan also made recycled cast aluminum cookware named Scanpan Classic 5 pc. Cookware Set. It is made of a Squeeze-casted aluminum body with a Patented non-stick coating. This coating is 10 times harder than stainless steel and scratch-resistant. The handle is made of stainless steel.

Scanpan is a popular brand of cookware that comes from Denmark. This company makes high-quality cookware that has found favor among many people in Europe and abroad.

Where is Scanpan cookware made?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Scanpan cookware made in Ryomgård, Denmark. Scanpan has manufacturing facilities in Denmark. They use high-grade materials and advanced technologies like no-stick ceramic to make cookware products.

They produce environmentally friendly, PFOA-free products for the market. Scanpan cookware has many advantages: they are highly durable, non-stick, easy to clean, and available in different styles and materials.

What is Scanpan cookware made of

Scanpan cookware is made of recycled cast aluminum. They also produce stainless steel cookware. It has a commercial-grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick coating. It is PFOA and PFOS-free. The handle is made of stainless steel. The lids are made of tempered glass. See the chart below for more clarification.

HAPTIQ 10-Piece Cookware Set  Five-ply cast aluminum and stainless-steel clad construction. Commercial-grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick surfaceCompatible with all cooktops including induction.
CLASSIC 11-Piece Cookware Set  Recycled cast aluminum constructionCompatible with gas and electric stovetops.
CTX 10-Piece Cookware Set  Five-ply recycled cast aluminum and stainless-steel clad construction. STRATANIUM nonstick surfaceCompatible with all cooktops including induction.
PROFESSIONAL 11-Piece Cookware Set Recycled cast aluminum with STRATANIUM nonstick coating. Gas and electric stovetops
PRO IQ 9-Piece Cookware Set  Recycled cast aluminum with STRATANIUM nonstick coating. Compatible with all cooktops including induction.
CS+ 10-Piece Cookware Set  Five-ply recycled cast aluminum and stainless-steel clad construction. Commercial-grade STRATANIUM+ nonstick coating. All stovetops, including induction
TECHNIQ 9-Piece Cookware Set  Microtextured STRATANIUM+ non-stick coating.Ceramic, gas, and halogen. Induction is not safe.

Is Scanpan Cookware safe to use?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Let’s take a look at whether Scanpan cookware is safe or not.

Safe Aspects

  • Made with recycled cast aluminum with stainless-steel clad construction.
  • STRATANIUM+ non-stick coating, which is PFOA and PFOS-free.
  • Didn’t react with acidic foods.
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Metal utensil safe. Thanks to STRATANIUM+ nonstick surface.
  • Even heat distribution from all sides.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Stay cool, handle.

Unsafe aspects

  • The non-stick coating comes off after one or two years of use.


  • Avoid dishwasher. Hand-wash is recommended to maintain the mirror-polished finish.

Final Verdict

Scanpan cookware is safe to use without any doubt. You have to follow the manufactures instruction and avoid dishwashers. That’s it. I’m sure you would be happy to use Scanpan.

Is Scanpan stainless steel safe?

Scanpan is one of the best brand names in the business of stainless steel cookware. The company uses only a quality 18/8 stainless steel and expensive steel alloy known to be free of toxins like cadmium and lead.

The quality of this kind of stainless steel is so good that it is even used in the medical field. Scanpan stainless steel utensils are rigorously tested to ensure they remain free of harmful chemicals.

This fact is the ultimate assurance that the cookware is safe to use. You are free to use it in the kitchen without worrying about the quality of your food.

The Benefits of Scanpan

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

The benefits of Scanpan cookware are numerous. High-quality cooking, tasty and healthy food, good for all cooking types, easy and convenient to use, durable, attractive, and good for your health and social environment.

Scanpan cookware is non-stick. This makes cooking a breeze and food preparation a lot less messy. It also means that food will not get stuck to the bottom of the pan, so it’s easy to clean up after dinner.

It also makes cleaning easier since food does not stick to the pan and therefore does not get burnt onto the pan.

Is Scanpan cookware dishwasher safe?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Yes, Scanpan is dishwasher safe. But it is not recommended to use a dishwasher. The dishwasher might damage the coating. Read the instruction manual to know your particular Scanpan cookware model’s proper cleaning instructions.

Is Scanpan oven-safe?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Yes, Scanpan is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. Scanpan cookware is suitable for oven use. The Scanpan Non-Stick cookware range is made from lauric acid and PFOA-free ceramic, making it highly scratch-resistant and hygienic.

It does not release hazardous fumes or toxins when heated, so it is safe for use in your oven. However, the company does not recommend using the cookware in the dishwasher to avoid damaging the seals.

For best results, hand-wash the cookware with warm, soapy water and thoroughly dry the cookware after washing. It is important to note that the cookware is only oven-safe to a maximum temperature of 250°C.

Is Scanpan ceramic titanium cookware safe?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Yes, Scanpan ceramic titanium cookware is safe for food preparation and is FDA approved. However, it has a PTFE coating to provide long-lasting nonstick performance. But this PTFE coating is safe if the temperature exceeds 500 degrees F.

Are Scanpan pans toxic?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

No, Scanpan pans aren’t toxic. They can’t even release toxic fumes, like some other pans might. The FDA tested them and approved them to be 100% safe for cooking food.

Is Scanpan safer than Teflon?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Yes, Scanpan cookware is safer than Teflon. Teflon means PTFE, and Teflon is made of a chemical material. That’s why some customers are concerned.

Scanpan uses ceramic, which is the same material that has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures.

The main difference is that the ceramic is treated to make a surface that allows food to be released without harmful chemicals.

Does Scanpan use Teflon?

Only Scanpan ceramic titanium cookware uses Teflon.

Any other Scanpan cookware doesn’t use Teflon or PTFE. Scanpan does not use any PTFE (the ingredient in Teflon) in any of its non-stick cookware.

The following information from Scanpan explains this in more detail:

Scanpan Classic uses a patented ceramic non-stick coating based on a complex, multi-layer ceramics technology. This coating is based on unique, high-tech ceramic technology.

How long does Scanpans last?

Is Scanpan Cookware Safe

Around five years on average. Scanpan is high-quality cookware. It is made in Denmark and is made of the same type of stainless steel used for surgical tools.

This means that the product will last you a lifetime with proper care. Furthermore, Scanpan has a lifetime guarantee. If the pan develops a defect, the company will give a new pan to the customer.

Why is Scanpan coating coming off

Scanpan is made with a non-stick coating type called Patented non-stick coating, which, unlike a regular coating, cannot be scraped off.

The coating comes off to because

  • If the metal is scratched or the surface has been exposed to very high temperatures.
  • If you wash your pans with metal utensils or heat the pans above 500 degrees, you risk damaging the non-stick coating.

But this can easily be restored by following the manufacturer’s care & maintenance instructions. In your case, if the coating has worn off or been lost, then it will not be covered under warranty. Here are the relevant parts of the Scanpan Limited Warranty:


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