Happycall Cookware Set

The Happycall cookware set is a popular choice in the USA and Australia for those looking for quality cookware. This cookware is made in South Korea with the highest quality standards. Happycall offers a wide variety of cookware, including double pans, frying pans and woks, hard anodized ceramic pots, vacuum pots, and gas-fired ovens. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect cooking solution for your needs.

What is Happycall cookware made with

Happycall cookware is made of aluminum die cast or forged aluminum with a 5-layer diamond non-stick coating. The exterior is coated with porcelain. The bakelite handle gives you a comfortable grip on your hand.

Is Happycall Cookware Safe

Happycall cookware is safe. See the safe and unsafe aspects below.

Safe Aspects

  • It is PFOA free.
  • Made with aluminum die-cast or forged aluminum which is considered safe material.
  • 5-layer of diamond non-stick coating, which is PFOA free.
  • Oven and dishwasher are safe.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Great heat conductor and heat retention.

Unsafe Aspects

  • Induction isn’t safe.

Is Happycall Cookware Oven Safe

Yes, the Happycall cookware is oven safe, according to the manufacturer, who also claims that it can be used on all cooktops except for induction.

Is Happycall Cookware Dishwasher Safe

Yes, the Happycall cookware is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend washing it if you want the cookware to last longer.

Is Happycall Cookware nonstick

Happycall cookware has a 5-layer diamond non-stick coating. Happycall non-stick cookware is manufactured with an innovative non-stick formula that provides excellent food release without the need for chemical coatings. This non-stick cookware will be a great addition to your kitchen and allow you to cook your favorite meals with little oil or butter.

Is Happycall a good brand?

Yes, Happcall is a good brand of cookware. The reason why this cookware is so good is that it is very light and it is very strong.

It is also very easy to wash, the handles are very nice, and they make it very easy to handle the pot while you are using it.

It is also very affordable, and it is very easy to get. So if you are looking for a good pot, you should use this pot.

What is a Happycall double pan?

Happycall double pan is a two-layered pan for cooking food on gas stoves. The top layer is made of aluminum coated with non-stick material, so food does not stick to it and is easy to clean.

The bottom layer is made of steel, which is used to capture heat from the bottom and distribute it evenly throughout the pan. You can put the double pan on a gas stove directly or use a ring stand to place it above a gas stove.

Happycall double pan price

The price for the Happycall double pan starts at 50 dollars. The price may change depending on where you purchase it.


Happycall Cookware Set is the perfect product for people who love to cook and have a happy kitchen! The set includes everything you need to cook your food perfectly. I hope you enjoyed this short blog, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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