Maifan Stone Vs. Granite: Which is Better?

Maifan Stone Vs. Granite

There are some differences between Maifan Stone and Granite. These are. Maifan Stone Maifan stone coating doesn’t contain PTFE or other harmful chemicals. They do not emit dangerous fumes even in high heat. Maifan Stone is stronger than granite stone. As a result, it won’t scratch and chip off easily. Maifan stone cookware heated up … Read more

Is Crux a Good Brand?

Is Crux a Good Brand

Yes, Crux is a good brand of cookware. Crux Manufacturing Company was founded in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the most popular brands on the market. Where is crux cookware made? Crux cookware is made in the USA by Crux / Sensio Inc. This company produces high-quality aluminum nonstick cookware sets and all other … Read more

Miracle Maid Cookware Lifetime Warranty Explained

Miracle Maid Cookware Lifetime Warranty

Miracle maid cookware comes with a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If a customer encounters a problem with their Miracle Maid cookware due to a manufacturing defect, the brand will repair or replace the product free of charge. With this warranty, customers can purchase Miracle Maid cookware with peace of mind, knowing that their investment … Read more

Is Pampered Chef Cookware Worth the Money?

Is Pampered Chef cookware worth the money

Everyone has their own opinions; however, I would personally say that it is worth the money. Because the Pampered Chef cookware is healthier than most other options, they don’t contain PFOA, PTFE, and other harmful chemicals by default. The pampered chef cookware is also durable. Using this cookware makes your cooking more accessible than anything … Read more

Wenzel Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Sizes and Material Explained

Wenzel Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Wenzel has a wide range of Dutch ovens, which include everything from small ones for everyday use to large ones for entertaining. These Dutch ovens come in various shapes and sizes, from the classic round shape to oval, square, and even rectangular. The Wenzel Dutch Ovens are made of solid cast iron and are highly … Read more

Is Aluminum Cookware Banned in Europe?

Introduction Aluminum has been used worldwide for a long time, but aluminum cookware is banned in 6 European countries. I’ll share all the information about which countries aluminum cookware was not allowed and why it is banned. Also, I will share with you which is the safest cookware in 2022. Then, please read the rest … Read more