Le Creuset Soup Pot Vs. Dutch Oven: Which is Better?

Le Creuset Soup Pot Vs. Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Soup Pots and Le Creuset Dutch Ovens are very similar. Both can be used in the same way to make soups, stews, and braises. I will compare Le Creuset Soup Pot and Lodge Dutch Oven to find the differences and see which is better. Differences & Similarities Le Creuset Soup Pot Design: Designed with a more rounded shape … Read more

Hexclad Vs. Caraway Cookware: Differences & Similarities

Hexclad Vs. Caraway

Many of you search on Google to know the difference between Hexclad and Caraway Cookware. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with two popular brands: Hexclad and Caraway. In this post, I’ll compare Hexclad and Caraway cookware, and find out the key differences and similarities between them. So, let’s dive in! … Read more

Is Teflon Banned in Europe? (Revealed)

Is Teflon Banned in Europe

No, Teflon (PTFE) is not banned in Europe. Aluminum cookware that has PFOA or PFAS is banned in Europe. To be clear, Teflon is allowed, but PFOA and PFOS are banned in Europe. Some people worry about Teflon (PTFE) coating. They think it might be unsafe for their health. But recent studies said that Teflon isn’t harmful … Read more

Why Is Hard Anodized Coating Coming Off?

Hard Anodized Coating Coming Off

No one likes when their shiny new cookware starts to lose its luster. There are a few reasons why hard anodized coating comes off of cookware. If the cookware is not properly seasoned, If the cookware is used on high heat or in a dishwasher, and if the cookware is not made from quality materials, … Read more

Why is Scanpan Coating Coming Off? What to Do Now?

Scanpan Coating Coming Off

The Scanpan cookware is coated with durable non-stick (STRATANIUM or STRATANIUM+) coating. Their products are known for their durability and non-stick properties. However, some users have reported that the Scanpan Coating Coming Off. If your cookware’s nonstick coating is beginning to peel or flake, there are a few potential causes. It’s possible that the cookware wasn’t … Read more

Stock Pot Sizes – Which one Fills All Your Needs?

Stock Pot Sizes

Size matters when picking the right stock pot for your kitchen. If you only need one pot that will fulfill your needs, go for a 6- or 8-quart stock pot. However, if you want to make things easier and avoid being stuck with the wrong size, it’s prudent to have three different-sized pots. This way, … Read more

Hard Anodized Cookware Disadvantages (Read Before You Buy)

Hard Anodized Cookware Disadvantages

Hard Anodized Cookware Disadvantages Hard Anodized Cookware Disadvantages Hard Anodized Cookware Advantages Hard Anodized Cookware Advantages What is hard anodized cookware? Hard Anodized cookware has been treated with an electrochemical process to make it more durable and resistant to corrosion. This process also gives the cookware a non-stick surface. In Detail… Hard anodized cookware is made by … Read more